Can you guys just take a minute and think about this. We’ll grow up soon. We’ll get married, have children of our own. We’ll probably forget about our tumblrs and focus on other things. But one day in the future you’ll hear the word “EXO” and you’ll remember these moments. Staying up late for shows, crying for their wins, laughing at their dorky moments, the ships, the four chinese members, & the fanservice. The boys who stole your heart. The boys you dedicated your tumblr to. The posters that hung on your wall of them. The albums you bought and the concert tickets you bought to see them live. The boys whom you learned the lyrics to all their songs. The boys whom you read/made fanfics about. To the boys whom you defended and loved with all your heart. But most of all you’ll remember the family we formed. You’ll always be a part of the fandom, no matter if you’ve grown up and everything. You’ll always be an Exotic because all of these moments will still live in our hearts and they’ll remain there. Life and time go on, but a fandom never really dies out. We never really forget. We always come back home don’t we? And that’s what the Exo fandom is, our home.

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raise your hand if you’ve ever been disgusted by your own fandom…


if you don’t raise your hand, chances are you’re the one your fandom is disgusted with

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i stare at boys so much how do they not notice

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